We strive to revitalize the body’s healthy and normal function with acupuncture and herbs so that your body can protect itself from disease and minimize pain.
Healthcare that feels good

Relax in our calming office while the needles help your body do the healing it needs. We offer soft music, warm treatment tables, and big smiles to ensure you a peaceful visit. How often can you say that you leave the doctor’s office feeling more relaxed and happier than when you went in? You will at Vitality!

Get personalized care

We provide you with individualized care. We love to educate people on the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, and enjoy guiding each of our patients through their own process of healing. Our goal is to make the most of your vitality by partnering with you to work toward your own personal goals.

Feel empowered

Take charge of your health and know that your body is fully capable of healing. Correcting underlying imbalances requires your participation. It may require that you change your diet, move your body, learn to manage stress, or eliminate toxicity from your life. We’ll help you every step of the way.  

Our Approach

Chinese Medicine focuses on correcting underlying imbalances in the body to restore your vitality; not on fixing disease

No Bandaids

We don’t want to mask symptoms and allow underlying problems unresolved. We are about addressing the root cause of illness, while providing symptom relief.

Bodies are designed to heal

Work with your own body’s vitality to trigger a healing response. Healing comes from the inside out and you and your body are empowered in the process.

Back to basics

We educate and guide you to make simple, basic lifestyle changes that will lead you to vitality & improve your quality of life.

We listen

No one knows your body better than you - listening to what you tell us helps us to get to the heart of the issue.


Stress plays a role in how our bodies cope with illness. Acupuncture reduces levels of stress hormones in the body. We also provide you with tips & resources for stress management.

Feel Better Fast

Acupuncture triggers the release of endorphins & chemicals in your body. So, you may notice improvements in your mood, digestion, & pain level right after your treatment. You will float out of our office feeling great.

Your Initial Consultation is Free

We’ll discuss your specific case and see if our approach is a good fit for you.
Feel free to call 208-629-4920 if you have questions.

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