Want to learn a little more about acupuncture & chinese medicine? Let's explore key components of this area of healthcare

Acupuncture has been used in China for at least 2,500 years and is one of the world’s oldest medical systems.  It is the insertion of hair-thin needles into the body at specific locations.  The insertion of these needles triggers the body’s own natural healing mechanisms, and nudges you toward restored balance and vitality.  Acupuncture is safe, effective, and has no side effects or drug interactions.

Chinese Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is an important component of traditional Chinese medicine There are many different forms such as teas, powders, pills, tinctures, or syrups - they are mostly made up of plants, but minerals and some animal parts are used as well. These formulas come in standard combinations or can also be tailored to you. Herbal formulas are an excellent way to relieve symptoms, improve your health, and strengthen the overall effect of your acupuncture treatments.

Fire Cupping

Cupping is a therapy used to promote circulation within the superficial muscle layers. It is used for sore muscles, tension, common colds, and cough or asthma. The cup (a round glass jar) is placed on a specific area of the body. A vacuum is created with the cup using heat, and it suctions to the body when place on the skin. The feeling of cupping is every bit as good as a massage!

Additional treatment modalities


Moxa is a processed herb called mugwort that is burned in order to warm areas of the body or specific acupuncture points. Moxa promotes qi (energy) and blood circulation in the body; so it can be beneficial to sore muscles or injured areas. Other uses include immune enhancement, cold and allergy prevention, and warming the body.

Gua Sha

This therapy also works within the superficial muscle layers for releasing tension, tightness, and constriction. The technique involves using a smooth-edged instrument to scrape or rub a tight area of muscle. This motion massages the muscle and helps to unbind it and promote relaxation of the muscle.


Tuina is the name for Chinese massage. It literally translates to pushing-grasping. This therapeutic massage is especially good for treating musculo-skeletal issues and injuries that generally involve body pain. Tuina focuses on pain relief for muscles, bones, and joints.

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