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Acupuncturist & Founder | Heather Bergstrom

Heather Bergstrom, LAc

Acupuncturist & Founder

Heather was first introduced to acupuncture when she was the office manager of a pain clinic in Boise. She knew that she wanted to be a healthcare provider and provide relief to those in need, but she wanted a set of tools that was greatly different than what an MD can offer.

She found her way to Portland, Oregon to study acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and later studied in an international acupuncture training program in Nanjing, China; and that was the beginning of something great. Heather has learned over the years to “walk the talk” by making a great number of small changes in diet and lifestyle to benefit her own health and make the most of her vitality. Heather has also managed to overcome panic attacks and anxiety through the wisdom and benefits of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.

Heather has completed advanced studies in sports medicine / orthopedic acupuncture. She has also studied extensively in the field of infertility and women’s health. The focus of Heather’s practice is first and foremost stress management, prevention of illness, and general wellness. She commonly works with pain, infertility, anxiety, and digestive disorders as well.

Acupuncturist | Sonya Wool

Sonya Wool


Sonya Wool is a recent graduate from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR, where she earned her Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. While her formal Chinese Medicine training lasted four years, she grew up in a family of physicians, and as a result her experience really began in childhood. It is this lifelong passion for medicine that eventually led Sonya to pursue a career in the field. After experiencing a particularly turbulent time in her life, she found realignment and strength through Acupuncture and Chinese herbs. It is these experiences and firsthand knowledge of Chinese medicine that eventually led her to focus on integrated care.

One of Sonya’s primary objectives is to alter the mindset people often experience when they are not thriving. The feeling of defeat following an illness or an injury can be a particularly powerful one, and she firmly believes that they key to healing is to find a balance that best suits the the individual needs and capabilities of each individual patient. Her goal as a practitioner is to help and empower every patient so that they can harness their own healing force. Sonya will help patients find the root cause of their symptoms and give them the tools they need to finish their journey back to a healthy body and mind. She hopes to highlight the powers of integrated health care with acupuncture, herbs, nutritional counseling and consistency.

Office Manager | Brenda Hansen

Brenda Hansen

Office Manager

Brenda is our very own Jill-of-all-trades. She is the office manager and billing specialist, so she takes care of the scheduling and financial details to ensure your visit goes smoothly from beginning to end.

She loves getting to know each person that walks through our door, and her smiles and stories will make your day even better. When Brenda isn’t running the show at the office, she is most likely outside with her family fishing, hunting, camping or doing yardwork.

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