...starts at $40 per session! Relaxing 30-minute appointment.
What is it?

Using a cup (a round glass jar) with heat to create a vacuum, the cup is placed on a specific area of the body and suctions to the skin - promoting circulation within the muscle layers.

What's should I expect?

Every bit as relaxing and soothing as a massage, this is a 30-minute appointment is a wonderful treatment for tension, muscle injuries, common colds, neck pain, and IT Band tightness....just to name a few!

Other things to know

After a treatment using cupping, you may look as if you were just hugged by an octopus. The cups may leave marks on the skin with varying degrees of redness that dissipate over time.

What is cupping used for?

This therapy is used to promote circulation within the superficial muscle layers & is useful for the following:

Common Colds
Neck & Back Pain
Anxiety & Fatigue
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