Find relief and enhance your vitality with Chinese Herbal Medicine

What is it?

Chinese herbal medicine comes in many different forms such as teas, powders, pills, tinctures, or syrups.

How it's used

Herbal formulas are an excellent way to relieve symptoms, improve your health, and strengthen the overall effect of your acupuncture treatments.

Other things to know

There are hundreds of commonly used herbs and herbal formulas; mostly made up of plants, but minerals and some animal parts are used as well.

Herbal Session


These formulas come in standard combinations or can also be tailored to you.

The Session

In this 30-minute appointment, we will review your health and concerns. This along with your health goals will guide us to the formula combinations or tailored herbal formula that is best for you.

Text/Phone: 208-985-5666 or email to schedule your session.

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